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We are a proud Canadian company that knows and understand the life in Canada better than anyone else. We offer products and services that help Canadians to keep the chill of our cold winter outdoors, our loved ones warm, and the safety of a properly functioning vehicle.

Reliable Remote Starter Systems


DroneMobile App

Now you can remote start, lock, unlock and pop your trunk of your vehicle just by simply pressing a button on your iPhone or Android by using the exciting new DroneMobile app.


Compustar Remote Starters

These automotive comfort systems combine both remote starting and security to give you peace of mind, knowing your vehicle and its contents are protected from thieves and vandals, as well as the elements!


Mobile Video Systems

Let's face it, keeping kids quiet in the backseat has always been a challenge. Parents and grandparents are "crying" for help, and our headrest systems deliver — both functionally and stylistically.